TradCom Business and Legal Translation Brazil

TradCom Traduções Comerciais, in Portuguese language, is an office specializing in Translation of Documents in the modalities Certified Sworn Translation or Simple (Non-Sworn) Translation.

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About us

Founded in 2008 in the city of São Paulo, the business and financial capital of Brazil, the office has tradition and solidity in professional translation, and it is recognized by its clients and partners as well as by the market for its high level of quality, agility, personalized service, competitive price and payment flexibility.
Its founder, Marcio Tondin, has a solid background and experience in this field, has lived, studied and worked in the USA, England, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands, Spain, Chile, Argentina, among others. This has provided him with practical experience and expertise that, together with his solid theoretical education, have fostered the establishment of this office specializing in the translation of commercial, legal, civil and school documents.
In its first 10 years of existence, TradCom Business and Legal Translation Brazil has served a few thousand corporate and individual clients. Among the companies served by our office are some multinational companies, traditional Brazilian companies, and the main banks of Brazil. Due to ethical and confidentiality reasons, we are not allowed to disclose the names of our clients.

Our team

Currently, our team has professional translators and proofreaders, many of them native Portuguese, English or Spanish, with extensive experience in professional translation as well as in the business, legal, civil, financial and student fields to offer the client the best experience in document translation.
We provide sworn or non-sworn translation of documents such as Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Steady Union Certificate, Diploma, School Transcript, Statement, Certificate, Contract, Power of Attorney, Letter, Manual, Institutional Text, E-mail, Article or Publication, Study, Paper, Research, Analysis, Website, Letter of Intent, Bank Statement, Payslip, Pro-Labore, Tax Return, Traineeship Commitment Term, Commercial Proposal and many others.
For us, there is no big job or small job. All jobs are equally important and made to the best of our ability, love of the craft and dedication.